Unilog is the logistics division of ICL, Unilog provides regional distribution centers (RDC) solutions and RMA management to both international & Israeli clients. Unilog is part of ICL’s vision considering itself as a key factor in our customers global supply chain.

The main objective of Unilog is to provide professional, intelligent, credible, efficient, cost effective, and fast service for it’s clients and overseas partners. Unilog believes in long term business relations, based on a win-win strategic alliance.
Unilog clientele consists of Israel’s largest organizations, including hi-tech and semi-conductor companies,pharmaceutical companies, and more.

Unilog Services

Unilog specializes in adapting and managing logistics solutions for organizational supply chains, centering on building logistic processes and managing suppliers. We provide the ability to trace your shipments all around the world on-line, monitor and control the logistics of complex supply chain processes.

•    RMA management
•    Finished products management
•    4PL management (warehousing and shipping)
•    Advanced supply management
•    Preparation and packaging orders
•    Added value services
•    Inventory management

Relative Advantages

Choosing Unilog as your service provider will produce a high quality, long term and successful partnership following the opportunities that Unilog holds:
•    Highly experienced management
•    Financial strength
•    Organizational structure
•    Obligation for your success.
•    High level of  technology. 
•    Warm relationships with customers, agents, services providers, and the various authorities
•    And more

You can rest assure that all your needs are taken care of with no delay. We pride ourselves in providing a tailor made service according to your needs.

Strategic Partners

Unilog holds a worldwide spread of professional assigned agents, that enables us to offer a comprehensive range of our specialized services.
Each agent is considered to be a leading partner it his home country and holds the same obligation and professionalism orientation.

IT Solutions

Unilog’s state of the art IT system provides our customers the ability to manage and supervise inventory enabling our customer commit to the mutual Service Level Agreement (SLA). 
Information systems affect the whole supply chain performance since they impact the other drivers. We use information systems to facilitate the flow of information between us and our customers.

•    IT Integration
•    Order Fulfillment
•    Quality Reporting/Control Systems
•    Web visibility and reporting via customer Web portals
In an effort to provide end-to-end operational services, UniLog continues to invest in creating tools to manage information, understanding that information management will be one of the most important competitive advantages that we will have to offer in the future.

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