Warehousing & Last-Mile Logistics

Warehousing & Last-Mile LogisticsWarehousing & Last-Mile Logistics
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More space. More options.

Warehousing & Last mile logistics designed for goods that are going places
  • Warehouse space of over 1,000,000 m² in over 250 locations spanning over 5 continents
  • Logistics centers and a warehouse network located in close proximity to major hubs and ports in every continent
  • Warehousing and last-mile logistics designed for e-commerce
  • Full range services for long/short term warehousing:
    • Kitting services
    • Pick & Pack
    • Product repair
    • Distribution and last-mile logistics
    • Inventory management
  • Digital platforms, innovative IT and state-of-the-art WMS systems for smooth and efficient handling of any kind of goods on the move
  • Dedicated teams for professional handling and control of your goods
More space. More options.

Distribution & Last mile logistics

Offering a smooth and efficient last-mile delivery network to your customers end locations, including accurate delivery times and tracking for increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall positive buyer experience:

  • Global network of last-mile delivery services:  Home delivery, PUDO deliveries, B2B and B2C
  • Same-day / Next-day / On-demand delivery timeframes and buyer preferences
  • Route optimization and tech innovations for a more efficient, customer-focused, and sustainable process
  • 24/7 support, tracking, and monitoring
  • A flexible and adaptable service to ensure on-time deliveries in any contingency, including traffic, weather, and peak seasons
Distribution & Last mile logistics

Inventory management

Reinforce your supply chain and scale up its operations through our expert inventory management services, ensuring maximum cost efficiency:

  • Access software-based data and insights for better decision making
  •  Monitor inventory from date of purchase to sale
  • Real-time access to stock levels (including client reports, secure login, and shipping notifications)
  • Manage demand fluctuations efficiently
  • Quick and easy operational scalability
Inventory management

Reverse Logistics

Manage all aspects of your returns with maximum cost and time efficiency:

  • Returns

  • Product repairs

  • Quality checks

Reverse Logistics