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Courier Shipping

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Providing one focal point, both operational and financial, leveraging the benefits, advantages, and strengths of each courier company based on destination, expertise, routing, price, and experience, so we can deliver your shipment in no-time. And that’s the only No you’ll hear.

Cost effective courier service

  • Utilize our close and professional relationship with global courier providers to get the best rates for each requested weight
  • Harness our strong courier network to promote and push your shipments,
  • Take advantage of our  360° response to all customer needs and our one-stop shop for all shipping requirements and questions
Cost effective courier service

Always get the extra (s)mile:

  • A selected team that knows you, knows your cargo and keeps your needs in mind
  • AWB issuance for export and import shipments
  • Complete tracing services from pickup to delivery on push
  • Full tariff for all destination/origins to simplify your cost calculation in advance
  • Remote pickup on demand worldwide
 Always get the extra (s)mile: