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Air freight services that go Above & Beyond

Our diverse solutions guarantee your air freight arrives right on schedule, fully secured, and always at the best price:

  • Global network that spans major hubs on every continent
  • Collaboration with a network of top-tier carriers
  • Solutions tailored to accommodate goods of all sizes and shapes
  • Swift and user-friendly online booking
  • 24/7 online tracking

Reliable, flexible & cost-effective, exactly like you need it.

Air freight services that go Above & Beyond

Express & Same-day air freight

The perfect choice when expedited delivery is essential to meet time-sensitive goals:

  • Premium express air freight service
  • Pick up options & Door-to-Door delivery for any size/weight shipment
  • Global coverage
  • Shortest transit times
  • A broad network of top-tier express carriers to guarantee any critical shipment
Express & Same-day air freight

Charter air freight

Flexible & reliable special air freight charter services for any ad-hoc business challenge:

  • Any cargo size / time constraint
  • Carefully selected trusted carriers
  • Tailored routing & pricing
  • CAN DO approach
Charter air freight

Temperature controlled air freight

Our certified life sciences & pharma experts ensure that your temperature-sensitive cargo is handled and transported with the highest control standards:

  • Rigorous compliance with pharmaceutical/scientific standards for temperature-controlled goods air transportation
  • Constant sensor Temperature-Position-Condition monitoring
  • Specifically designed solutions for pharmaceutical and life science goods according to your special needs.
  • Visibility throughout the entire route and customized alerts for your peace of mind: Real-time tracking >> Temperature monitoring >> Cargo disturbances.
Temperature controlled air freight