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Precision as a Way of Life

High-priority shipments that require precise timing, handling & monitoring

Our Pharma & Critical division offers professional logistics for highest priority shipments: 

  • Inbound & Outbound: We handle both international and domestic critical shipments, ensuring seamless logistics from origin to destination.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Our dedicated team tracks the cargo around the clock, providing real- time updates and proactive intervention if needed.
  • Temperature Control: We offer a variety of insulated containers and data loggers to maintain specific temperature ranges throughout your shipment’s journey.
  • Creative, flexible & adaptable solutions for any critical logistics challenge. 
Precision as a Way of Life

Industry Expertise


Medical devices 

High-value cargo

Food tech

Clinical trials 

Perishable goods

Live animals 


Industry Expertise

Next Flight Out service (NFO)

Get your package to its destination on the fastest route possible while saving on costs.

The fastest route for your package isn’t always the obvious one. Our dedicated courier team is experienced and available 24/7/365 for analyzing your deliverables, deadline, and destination to determine the fastest most efficient journey for your shipment:

  • Fastest options available by all carriers to fit your exact urgent needs

  • Single point of contact throughout transit

  • 24/7 monitoring, visibility, and tracking

On-Board Courier – hand carry service (OBC)

Opt for our hand carry service to avoid any obstacles and ensure your shipment makes it to its destination safely and on time:

  • Personalized handling and care of your urgent shipment
  • Experience and extensive knowledge of urgent shipment navigation worldwide.
  • Customs expertise and personal handling of the customs process (Officials & Documentation) by experienced trained couriers.
  •  24/7/365 Personal service for the best and fastest solution for your urgent shipment

Exactly the way you need it – By all means

  •  Temperature controlled solutions 
  • After hours customs clearance, pick up, and deliveries
  • Machine down and AOG (aircraft on ground) scenario
  • GDP compliance
  • Thermal-packaging (passive /active)
  • Online tracking (temperature / location) 
Exactly the way you need it - By all means